South Pacific representation

North American Travel Industry Sales
& Representation

Antipodal is a hotel sales representation company providing enhanced exposure in North America for specialty South Pacific properties.  The Antipodal collection showcases the beauty and diversity that Australia and Fiji offer and highlights the remarkable properties that are available for the experience-seeking traveler. 

Antipodal is owned and operated by travel industry veteran Libby Cooke, who passionately communicates these remarkable South Pacific experiences. Antipodal (an-TIP-podal) refers to the location that is diametrically opposite in the world so it is an appropriate name for this portfolio.  

Antipodal showcases the diversity of the "barefoot luxury"  experience.  Each of these properties create an authentic Australian and Fijian experience and interpret luxury by making it relevant to their destination. Whether it is a wilderness lodge, a private island, a gourmet vineyard retreat, a tented camp, or an exclusive resort on an unforgettable island or dramatic coast, these properties connect you with a true sense of place, while providing you with the luxuries and amenities of today's discerning traveler. 

Stunning qualia, Great Barrier Reef
The Louise, a luxury vineyard retreat in the Barossa Valley, South Australia
Pristine natural beauty of Lord Howe Island and Capella Lodge.  Just one of the Luxury Lodges of Australia